Financial and Corporate Advisory

Both medium and large sized corporate organisations’ financial and corporate advisory requirements are taken care of at eFuture. Right from evaluating the accounts for your firm to having a couple of our staff work at your firm to handle the finances throughout the year, we provide all services including:

  • Special Accounting & Auditing for the client including report generations to the concerned authorities
  • Dissolution or Dilution of Accounts and Winding Up of the Sheets
  • Valuating and Auditing the Account Sheets
  • Special investigations and Audits
  • Forensic Audits and Inventory Audits
  • RBI Certifications and Filing
  • FCRA Filing, Formation of Trust, Registration of Section 25 Company
  • Review and Implementation of Internal audit functions and Management Information Systems
  • Assistance and Strategic Planning help in raising funds from banks, investors and fund management
  • Evaluation of the Internal Control System and assistance in Capital Investments
Swaroop Rakesh eFuture Solutions
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