Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers of legal entities and companies are taken care of by our team of experts at eFuture. We have been into the legalities involved in these segments for quite a few years and we take care of the complete process right from the initial identification step until the merger is complete.

The identification of the business is followed by the strategic planning of the acquisition. However, the valuation of both the companies needs to be calculated and the research and identification of the key targets is further begun. From here, the business is evaluated and the legalities behind the merger/acquisition are analysed and processed by our team. Due diligence reports and legal compliance regarding acquisitions are also followed as per the rules.

At times, companies are also interested in acquisitions and we also provide the legal services to enable a company acquire another. This is a bit of a long process considering that both the companies involved will need to have appropriate legalities and paperwork in place and at eFuture, we have the necessary with us already, thus speeding up the process.

Swaroop Rakesh eFuture Solutions
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