Technical FAQs


  • Error Message: Authentication failed.

    Solution: This error happens in two situations.

    1. If you give wrong User ID or password for during Member Login on TCS-CA web portal. In this case, you may please contact your Registration Authority for resetting password of User ID member login.
    2. If you give wrong password while logging into the token.In this case , It is advised that not to access the token with the wrong password since token will be blocked after maximum no. of attempts. Hence, please contact you Registration Authority whom did you approach for obtaining the certificate for further assistance in this regard.
  • Error message :You may have disabled Active X controls (Object Error)

    Solution : In Internet Explorer (IE)browser, Tools > Internet options > security > select Trusted sites > Click on Sites > where add the TCS-CA site in the box provided (I.e. Add this website to the zone). Now click on Add and close Now again, Under Tools > Internet options>security > Select trusted sites > Click on Custom level of IE browser. Set the Reset custom settings to Medium then click on “Reset” > Click yes on the pop box. Check whether all activeX controls are enabled. If no, then make all the activeX controls enable. click on OK > Click yes on the pop box.
  • What is the default passwords?

    In case the Token is formatted the Password will get reset. So the default Password Is Case Sensitive So type exactly as Mentioned below

    For Alladin Token – “1234567890”
    For Safenet Token – “Password#1”
  • If e-Token not being displayed in the Application Viewer ?

    There are some situations when a USB device is not registered correctly in the operation system. The best solution is to delete the object are recognize it again. Please follow the next procedure to delete the eToken objects:

    1. Remove any eToken connected.
    2. Open the registry and browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB.
    3. Right click on USB, select permissions and give to logged on user full permissions.
    4. Expand the USB branch and delete all folders starting with Vid_0529 that represent eTokens USB devices.
    5. Reinsert eToken.

  • My Internet browser has been upgraded / reinstalled. However, I cannot see my Digital Signature Certificate through the browser any more. What must I do?

    When your browser is reinstalled, the certificates and keys stored in it will be erased. But incase if you have the backup of your key or certificate in.p12 or .pfx file form, you can ‘import’ your certificate from this file.
  • My machine has been reformatted and I no longer see my Digital Signature Certificate in the browser. What can be done to resolve this?

    When your machine is reformatted, the certificates and cryptographic keys stored in it are permanently lost. But incase if you have the backup of your key or certificate in.p12 or .pfx file form, you can ‘import’ your certificate from this file. If you don’t have a backup of your certificate please contact us for the same.
  • Error Message: “VB script errors”

    If you set your Internet Explorer security preferences to “High” (under the Security tab), this might cause problems initializing the variables needed for the VB Script. Setting the security level to “Medium” should solve the problem.

    Follow the below mentioned instructions:

    1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security.
    2. Change the Security Settings to ‘Medium’.
    3. Check that Active X and Java Scripting is enabled.

  • How can I enable Active-X controls in my Internet Explorer browser?

    Follow the instruction to enable Active-X controls in your Internet Explorer (IE) browser. 1. Open an IE and go to Tools – Internet Options Security tab – Custom Level digital signature, digital signatures, encryptions
    2. Ensure that all five settings under ‘ActiveX controls and plug-ins are set to ‘Enable’ or ‘Prompt’
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